Christmas Window displays for TNA by Fivethousandfingers.

(Oh muse, sing me the ways of wooden boxes, vintage billboard type, historic b/w stock imagery coloured in inverted pop but faded.)

The template.

The template.

"You don’t get life in ‘light’ either."

"You go do your work-life balance. I call it a day."

"I don’t know where the trend is headed. I’m headed for the stadion."

Rough. Edges. Holsten.”

- New marketing campaign by German brewery Holsten

(Note the visual design: Grained wood texture. Fractured stencil type.)

(Note also, the photos: Raw bricks, wood and sea backgrounds. Beards. Leather and squared jackets. Grey t-shirts. Sailor jersey.)


"We are now Simple. We love our name and the high standard it sets. We’d like to share some of our thoughts on our new visual identity and how it represents our company and philosophy.

Our old mark—a stylized wallet—did not adequately convey our mission to simplify the financial lives of our customers. A traditional wallet is not a tool for simplification. In fact, we took this idea a step further and will include a minimalist rubber-band and chipboard “wallet” with every Simple card we ship—perfect for holding a card and some cash.

The typeface in the new Simple logo is a slightly modified Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. The font, inspired by early 20th century American signage, is a straightforward and honest typeface.

A font inspired by 1900s craftsmanship and simplicity, made relevant again using modern technology. Sound familiar?”

Simple Branding

(Also note the website design: Paper-textured background, type writer font, engraving texture lines, vintage form design.)

"I’m excited to finally release a new, hand-craftedLimited Issue Hustle Shirt in an edition of only 25. The front of each shirt was individually typeset by hand using vintage woodtype. As a result, the letter-spacing is varied, and each impression distinct (some light, others dark), making each shirt unique and perfectly imperfect.

The inside neck tag and sizing, lower inside edition number, branding, and garment care instructions were also stamped by hand. Altogether, there are 12 impressions on each shirt, all done by hand, one at a time.

Additionally, two custom hangtags were created for each shirt. Hand-cut and hand-stamped with a grommet insert and red thread.

Also hand crafted were the double-sided brand card and envelope, as well as the packaging which includes branding on the front, and sizing and description on the back.

As a companion piece, I printed a Hustle Flag linocut in a limited edition red and white colorway, which comes in a branded canvas bag, and is signed and numbered to match the edition number of the shirt.”

Limited Issue Hustle

(Note the photo: 1970s Polaroid coloring and overlighting.)